Enjoy These 5 Best Craft cocktails This Summer in Los Angeles


The heat waves may strike your drinking cord like never before this summer. If you want to refresh yourself at some of the most exquisite bars in Los Angeles, then the seasoned bar tenders have some of the most adventurous and fun-filled drink to offer you. These craft cocktails will make you search for an excuse for toasting.

Mohawk Bend’s “Phuket”

The Phuket cocktail will remind you of Thai soup. It is fresh and lighter and has some spice. Instead of the soup’s broth of fish stock, the cocktail’s broth is made using bracing gin. The ingredients of the low calorie cocktail are cilantro, lazargus and bummer gin, lemongrass twist and Thai chili.

Pour Vous’s “La Vitamine”

The drink is ideal of the breakfast and reminds of Brazilian alcoholic smoothie. The barman at the pub, Francois Vera, is a native of Brazil and was inspired by the native drink when he created La Vitamine. The ingredients of the drink are crème de bababe. Avua cachacas, almond orgeat syrup, lime juice, avocado and salt.

Cliff Edge’s “Beer and Loathing”

The pub is famous for offering interesting cocktails. The drink is ideal for before-dinner time and reminds of the beer cocktail of Mexico, the Michelada. The ingredients of the drink are quinquina, pisco capurro, pine apple shrub, IPA, rosemary and lime. The drink mixes all the sprits with an added rosemary accent and is pleasing to both wine and beer lovers. The bartender, Richard Swan is currently using rosemary shrub for updating the drink.

Betia’s “Refreshing”

The Campari cocktail is a must have during summers. The refreshing and sensational drink has ingredients like cocci Americano, Campari, lime juice, seltzer and cane sugar (evaporated). The drink is lot more exciting and refreshing than the usual mixture of soda and Campari, and is also lighter than the Negroni.

Roger Room’s “On the Make”

The craft bar has no nonsense cocktails. The ingredients of “On the Make” are apricot liquer, bulleit rye, peach bitter and egg white. The fun drink obtains its dark flavors from the fruit liqueurs, rye and frothy egg.

Almost all bars can also offer you gluten free cocktails, for those allergic to gluten.


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