100% Natural and Brilliant Handcrafted Cocktails

With the party season knocking at the door, it is time to sip some lavish handmade cocktails. The best part is that now your favorite cocktails can be bought in bottles. Delicious cocktail recipes, prepared with the aid of quality ingredients, can now be enjoyed at home. There is no need to belly up towards the bar on the weekends as organic cocktails made from the freshest of natural ingredients like organic blood oranges, locally grown in Florida to tangerines found in Sicily. Sip your bottled margarita at home. Fresh organic grapes create world famous sparkling wines. If you wish to taste something great, try out handmade drinks and cocktails.

The Delectable Taste of a Bottled Mimosa

A mimosa is a cocktail composed of champagne and chilled citrus juice. The sparkling spirit is consumed by many during celebrations, or served on first class travel. When you want to celebrate a special occasion, like a wedding, promotion or retirement, you can try the bottled mimosa which is now sold worldwide. With premium champagne, the mimosa is comprised of only organic grapes mostly grown in the heart of Florida. Blood oranges are added to offer a tangerine taste, and the grapes come from only selected vineyards. The taste is refreshing and enjoyable.

The Amazing Taste of a Bottled Mojito

Finding a bar which serves authentic mojitos is still a challenge for many. Mojitos are loved by rum drinkers everywhere. It is comprised of all organic ingredients including mint leaves, organic lime, guavas, and the finest quality of rum. A bottled mojito can be topped with crushed ice and sparkling soda water. Served in a highball glass with garnish and a fresh lime, the traditional Cuban drink offers guilty free pleasure and refreshment.

Cocktails that are comprised of fruits and natural ingredients are authentic and rich in taste. You’ll find a perfect balance of sweetness, sharpness, and flavor. The finish is perfect, and each of the categories of the cocktail will be an experience in itself. So, craft the perfect organic cocktails and invite your friends and guests.


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